November 15, 2018 – Enter your Office product key – Install Office Setup

Microsoft Office is one of the most famous productivity suites in the whole world because today the Microsoft Office is used by a majority of computer users’ like-businesspersons, students and at home. Microsoft Office has various versions and it runs on the various platforms like- Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows at

Simplified versions of Microsoft are following.

  1. Microsoft Office 365
  2. Microsoft Office 2019
  3. Microsoft Office 2016
  4. Microsoft Office 2013
  5. Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office is the Office Productivity suite that supports different platforms like Window Mac, iOS and Android. One can easily download and install Microsoft Office in their system. Microsoft Office has many features like it is entirely portable and easily accessible, redesigned interface, optimized for more performance, compatible with the old operating system and machine, fluent user interface added and many more.

office setup

Microsoft Office also adds some new features, and that includes Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Groove communication feature. Microsoft Office is designed to improve your overall productivity and to give an efficient workspace for professionals, students, and home users.

Steps to download Office Setup 

You can download the Office setup 2006, Office 365, Office, 2019, etc. by two methods. One is if you have Microsoft account then sign in and download through product key and another technique is inserting the CD/DVD into the disk drive.

Office Setup Installation through CD

  1. With your Office setup offline purchase, you get a CD/DVD.
  2. Insert that CD/DVD of Microsoft Office into the disk drive, and the setup wizard starts automatically.
  3. However, if it doesn’t start, navigate to the CD drive and double- click on setup.exe
  4. Fill the Office product key, when asked.
    1. The product key can be found in packaging product or sticker on the CD.
  5. Read the Microsoft Software License terms and conditions and accept the license agreements.
  6. After that, click on Continue.
  7. And now, follow the instruction.
  8. Once the installation finishes, click Close.

Office Setup Installation Online

  1. Log in to your Microsoft Office account at by providing the registered email ID and password.
  2. Select the language and enter the Office product key.
  3. From the list of Office subscriptions, click on Install.
  4. Take the next action depends upon the web browser you are using.
  5. Wait until the installation finishes!

Office Setup Activation

  1. Click the Microsoft Office button
  2. Select Options and then Activate Microsoft Office.
  3. To activate from an Office app, click Help followed by Activate Product.
  4. If you are being prompted for the Office activation, click on that notification and follow the further steps.
  5. Another method of activating it is by opening any of the Office applications
  6. It will automatically display an Office activation wizard.
  7. Enter your product key in the required field and click Activate.