How to Get the Student Discount on Microsoft Store

A lot of Microsoft’s software and devices are useful for students. One of the great examples is MS Office Suite that helps students create their assignments and projects. Surface and Surface Pro devices are also an excellent gadget for school and college students. If you’re also a student or parents of one and want to get a Microsoft software or device, then possibly you want to save on your purchase. Microsoft gives a special discount for students, but you must be eligible to take its benefits. If you’re an eligible student or parent, you can get the benefit of Student discount like free access to software like Microsoft Office 365 as well as on products.

Who are eligible for the Student Discount of Microsoft?

Microsoft offers Student Discount for various people, including students, parents, and faculty. But, for taking its advantage, a user must fulfill these requirements.

•    A student should be of at least 13 years, and in K-12 grade.

•    Parents of K-12 grade and college students can also get the benefits of Student discount.

•    Students in the two-year college, vocational college, and in a four-year university are also eligible.

What you’ll get with Microsoft Student Discount?

With Student Discount, eligible students and parents can get up to 10% off on hardware devices, like laptops, tablets, computers, and desktops. Microsoft Student discount doesn’t provide any concession on digital games, Xbox games, app, and consoles. It is also not valid for gift cards, subscriptions, customized, and personalized items. However, you can get free access to some software, and its best example is MS Office 365.

How to Get the Student Discount on Microsoft Store

The only way to get the student discount is through Microsoft Store. You need to visit Microsoft Store on your device with the student discount portal. Once you reach the site, you’ll be able to check the discounts for the students. But, before this, you need to complete the verification process. If you haven’t verified your documents on Microsoft Store yet, then first verify them because without completing it you won’t be able to continue the process.

1.    Start a browser and visit the ‘Microsoft Student Discount site.’ You’ll see the login form on your screen.

2.    Type the email or phone associated with your Microsoft account and proceed.

3.    After that, enter the password and continue to sign in.

4.    Then open the ‘Shop Now’ tab.

5.    A dialog box pops up on display, click ‘OK’ into it.

6.    Now, from the Shop categories box, select ‘Student Deals.’ Available devices and software will now display on your screen.

7.    Browse through the available deals to find the software or device you want to purchase.

8.    When you find the item, you’d like to buy, select it and then click on ‘Add to cart’ button.

9.    Now, go to your Microsoft Store cart and click on the ‘Checkout’ button to complete the process.

You don’t get any option to verify your enrollment during the whole process, that’s why you need to complete it first. Your order will be placed on Microsoft Store. If you’ve selected to pick it up from a local Microsoft Store, then you have to take your Student ID with you to get your item.

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