How To Fix Blue Or Black Screen On A Mac?

Normally whenever a Mac is turned on, it shows gray or dark screen. The shown color is related to the model and how old the device it. After the drive gets identified, you shall get a blue display as your Mac carries the boot information from their startup drive and after that shows the desktop. At times, the screen of the Mac may get stuck. In this blog, you will be getting to know the method of fixing the Mac getting stuck at the blue screen problem.

Here are the ways of fixing Blue or Black screen on Mac

The method of changing startup drive permissions by booting from a different device

1.    Firstly, boot the Mac using a different startup device.

2.    It can be done by starting the Mac and pressing the option button.

3.    Note that many startup devices shall be shown before you on the screen.

4.    Then, choose a device. Resultantly, the Mac shall be using it for completing booting.

5.    After the Mac shows the desktop, get ready for correcting the permissions problems.

6.    Next, open the Terminal. It will be present in the Utilities section.

7.    Then, put the given below order in Terminal.

  • sudo chown root ”/Volumes/startupdrive/”

8.    Hit enter or go back.

 The startup drive shall now have the right  permissions and shall be able to boot the Mac.

The method of changing startup drive permissions in case you do not have a different startup device available

Fortunately, even when you do not have a different startup device, you shall still be able to change the startup drive permissions with the help of special singer user startup mode.

  1. Turn on your Mac while putting the combination of the cmd and s buttons.
  2. You need to press them till you don’t get some lines of content on the screen.
  3. After it stops scrolling, put the given below command.
  4. mount -uw /
  5. Then, hit enter or go back.
  6. After that, put the command mentioned below.
  7. chown root /
  8. Again, hit enter or go back.
  9. Then, write the order given under-
  10. chmod 1775 /
  11. After that, hit enter or go back.
  12. Then, put the order that is mentioned below.
  13. Exit
  14. After that, hit enter or go back.
  15. Lastly, your Mac shall now boot from the startup drive.

Hopefully, by applying the tricks mentioned above, you will be able to troubleshoot the blue or black Mac screen issue.

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