Harry Potter Wizards Unite Features RPG with Pokemon GO

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is one of the most awaited title amongst the Nintendo Switch users and players have been eager to know in-depth details for this upcoming title.

Subsequent to an initial teaser trailer in the past, the developers behind the Pokemon GO title, Niantic has finally unveiled some further details associated with the upcoming Harry Potter Wizards Unite AR title.

 Wizards Unite is Co-developed by Warner Brothers Games under its sister company, Portkey Games. Moreover, Pokemon GO has played an inspirational role in the development process for the Harry Potter Wizards Unite, and Niantic has managed to infuse the mechanics of Pokemon Go with RPG style gaming.

Niantic has recently allowed many gamers and reviewers to visit there San Francisco Office and offered the initial demo gameplay for the upcoming title.

After getting their hands on the exclusive gameplay for the upcoming Harry Potter title, many reviewers suggested that this forthcoming Wizard Unite title would be somewhat similar to the current hit Pokemon GO  but it will also provide players with some unique additions and changes in the interaction mechanics.

 As there are PokeStops in Pokemon GO where trainers can collect essential items like Pokeballs, Rare Candy, Eggs and more. Similar to this Harry Potter Wizards Unite features Greenhouse and inns where players can collect numerous items.

In addition to this, Wizards United has a similar map as compared to Pokemon GO still the markings on the map have different graphics which includes tilted buildings and flying owls which look quite interesting unique for Harry Potter fans.

Also, this new title has various features like AR Plus photo mode and less battery consumption while running the game. Such features were added to the Pokemon GO in later years of its development, but it is quite pleasing to observe that Niantic has made an effort to ease the in-game experience of the gamers and avail them with such features in the launching face of the Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

As this title is associated with the famous fictional character Harry Potter, this game features an excellent storyline for players to explore different locations in the game.

The main difference in Wizard Unite and Pokemon Go is that the Pokemon GO has a strong storyline which gives the title new dynamics for players to enjoy.  The game is set in the contemporary time after the Deathly Hallows event, and the title revolves around a calamity which is putting up the Wizard world at risk. 

Precisely all the valuable mystical items of the Wizard world are scattered, and as per the International Statute of Secrecy, a law is set to maintain the secrecy of such mystical items. So the game features players as a member of this task force which has a designated task of protecting any such items to maintain the secrets of Wizarding World from the Muggles.

Harry Potter fans will have to trace and locate any such mystical items and contain them in their security to protect the hidden secrets of Wizard world. In the upcoming Harry Potter title, all such items which are scattered in the real world from the Wizard world are referred to as the Foundables and those items which obstruct or hinder the Foundables are called Confoundables.

Let’s see how the fans of Harry Potter react to this new game, and it’s resembling play style from Pokemon GO. Hopefully, much eager fans and gamers will like this title, and Harry Potter Wizard Unite also succeeds as the other Niantic titles.

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