Guide to Making a Presentation in PowerPoint Handout

PowerPoint Handout Master option appears on the view folder in PowerPoint, and this is located on the top of the blue color columns. This has six boxes in it and a large one covering all the boxes.  You can choose many different colors to make your presentation more attractive, and you can also change designs as per your wish. PowerPoint Handout Master includes the layouts, header and footer and variety of wallpaper.

Guide to Making a Presentation in PowerPoint Handout

Handout Master many other tabs also which are set up the page, placeholders, changing the themes, the background of multiple colors, fonts, many different effects, and you can change the background style also.

Steps are listed below to make a PowerPoint handout:

1. Handout Formatting for Making a Presentation in PowerPoint

  • Select the format of a handout for creating a presentation in a handout.
  • Go to the View option which appears on the top of the PowerPoint bars and then press the handout tab which will you get on the Presentation option.
  • Press the many other Themes tab which is situated in the edit option and then select a theme as per your wish which is near the menu list. Tap on your favorite theme to make it as your background theme to Handout presentation.
  • Choose a color for formatting design for creating a PowerPoint presentation of a handout.
  • Make sure you had chosen the Handout view option already and then navigate Edit option for your theme which is located on the top menu.
  • Press the color tab and then tap to choose only one color to put it on your handout presentation in the menu list.
  • Search for an effect for your theme of the formatted text. While setting up your Handouts any of the effects can be placed in it. The effects include Office, Apex, Aspect, Civic, etc.
  • Press the Effects tab which you will get in the Edit option while going to the Built-in menu list.
  • Tap one of the given themes to put it into the handout presentation.
  • Formatting handout wallpaper. Select only one of the formatted wallpaper which is provided at that time.
  • Make sure the option of handout view should be chosen and then press the different wallpaper styles situated on the top of the PowerPoint tabs. This will show you all the formatted wallpaper option on the top.
  • Tap to select whatever wallpaper you like to put it as your handout presentation background.

2. Customize Wallpaper or Color to your PowerPoint presentation of the handout.

  • Make to customize the color theme as your background of the handout.
  • Go to the view option on the top of the desktop and then press the handout tab situated in the view option.
  • Press the colors you like to put in your presentation while clicking on the edit option and then choose to make a new color theme in the menu list.
  • Go through the menu columns to select a variety of colors located on the left side of your display.
  • Type your name so that you can customize color given on the end of the page.
  • Tap on the Save option to go to the previous menu.
  • Putting a customize wallpaper to a presentation of the handout.
  • Correct all the slides which come on one presentation of a handout.
  • Correct the handout direction of a handout of PowerPoint.
  • Make sure the option of view of handout should be chosen.
  • Press the handout direction tab situated in the top bar. Select from portrait option given on the top of the page.
  • Deleting and inserting headers, footers, sheet series or date by a handout

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