Google Assistant will proactively tell a user if it thinks user’s flight will be getting delayed

Globalization is making people fly all over the world so Google’s blog mentioned a couple of tools that can make traveling much more comfortable. For instance, Google is planning to launch a new feature for Google Assistant that will give its users a better idea of whether their flight is going to get delayed. If the flight is delayed and the passenger is aware of it then it will lessen the blow but you will still have to go online to check. Although the company users already share such predictions through Google Flights soon even Assistant users can ask Assistant if their flight is delayed or not. They can command, “May I know the schedule of the Pan Airlines flight from Tuscany to Alabama?”

Google Assistant will proactively tell a user if it thinks user’s flight will be getting delayed

Note that to make its prediction, Google uses a combination of machine learning and the historical flight status data and even tells the reason, if it is known, which it says with full confirmation that it can give with approximately 85 percent confidence rates. You’ll get a notification for the delay for instance like their incoming flight is expected to be late than scheduled

However, other services will send actual flight delay notifications but not the predictions with it. For instance, if the user has an online boarding pass in their wallet, Apple shall notify the user through their applications or by mails, texts, or call. A majority of the airline carriers also send these updates.

Precisely, the difference between Google’s approach and others is that Google predicts the delays much more before the airlines announce them, which user can potentially get to know on their own if they use websites like ‘FlightAware’ to go for any snags in their plane’s arrival time.

Accessing predictive flight information via Google Assistant voice commands is being released now whereas the proactive information in the Assistant app will be coming soon.

Also, one of the essential things to keep in mind that Google’s blog also reminds travelers that if they are about to visit a destination that is unfamiliar to them then ‘Google Maps’ can help them out. Just swiping up from the ‘Explore’ tab at the bottom of the screen will show you place of interest to see like restaurants to eat at and much more. And if you are planning a vacation, use Google search to find ‘things to do’ in the city that you are visiting as it will help to plan an exciting trip.

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