Fortnite: How to Find and Use the Environmental Campfire

Epic Games has been including new weapons and items on daily basis since the v7.30 update, and this time a new item is about to be a part of Fortnite.

This said item is an Environmental Campfire which is a healing item. Before this Cozy Campfire was a similar item that players threw to heal themselves.

Still, this new Environmental Campfire is located at fixed spots on the map, and rather players have to visit the Campfire to heal themselves personally.

As these Environmental Campfires are located all across the map in various locations, players have to keep in mind that these spots can turn out to be an exclusive trap for those who are not quite aware of the mechanics for this item.

So an understanding of the functioning of this item is a must before trying to use it for healing. Players can use each campfire for only one time in a match, and it can’t be used by any other player after the use, with an only exception for squad mates.

Environmental Campfire would heal all the players standing alongside it and will provide players with plus two health for every second, and it will continue healing for a total of 25 seconds.

In addition, players have to unlock stage three of the Prisoner skin in order to interact with the Environmental Campfire. The Prisoner skin is the reward which players received during the Snowfall Challenge known as the Prisoner.

Players were required to collect a key at Polar Peaks by utilizing the Prisoner skin for stage 2. It was speculated, that the functioning of campfire would be associated with the prisoner skin but it was not clear how it would function.

With this new item included now, fans have got a slight hint of how to utilize the stage 3 of the prisoner skin in the game. Now it is clear for gamers that this stage 3 skin is required to interact with the Environmental Campfire.

Gamers can prepare a rough idea of possible locations where they could encounter with the Environmental Campfire as it provides players with an option of healing on the go without carrying any additional item with them.

But before you stop at the location of the campfire, keep in mind that any other squad could be camping around the campfire in order to hunt down any possible visitors.

So first try to make sure that no possible threats or hidden foe are around the area and after that go ahead to heal yourself.

This new item is spread all across the map in designated locations and will be present at the same location for every match, so try to memorize the sites which you feel are most suited for you, and head straight to those locations which you get familiar with.

Players of Fortnite are eagerly waiting for the complete disclosure of the Prisoner, as speculations related to him are quite trending amongst the data miners and community members.

It is considered by many that the upcoming season 8 update would feature some significant role for the Prisoner and would include some dominant content associated with it.

Let’s see how the transition between season 7 and season 8 occurs, as it is believed that a catastrophic Earthquake would cast havoc on the Fortnite map, changing the weather of the game and introducing new interactions for players to have fun with.

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