Anthem: Guide to Unlock the Clean Wear Javelin Armor State

Anthem has gone through a rollercoaster ride as it has not reached the expected success as anticipated by the fans and community member.

But developers at Bioware are making a constant effort to revive the title and give a reasonable fight to its competitors.

Bioware is set to include some new content for fans to enjoy this Sci-fi shooter game and many dedicated Anthem fans are making use of these new content and items.

 As many gamers and streamers are spending a lot of time and effort in the game, they feel the need for different skins and means to showcase their armor to make a better impact on their audience.

 Moreover, players want to make sure that there armor is seemingly spectacular as there Javelin armor represents them in the game. In the initial stage of the game, players are provided with two options two choose from for their armor.

The two different armor wear states are Old and Dirty. The Old and Dirty armors are exactly what it sounds like, these type of armors appear to be pre-used and as if someone has thrown them after rigorous use.

 Still, there is nothing to worry about as players can improve the condition of their Javelins in the game. Fans who are looking to improve on their Javelin armor can take an easy road forward to make their old and Dirty Javelin into a shiny one.

Players have three different categories to choose from for the state of their Javelin, and this includes Standard, New, and Clean states.

But a vital factor to undermine is that all the three states are locked and requires players to improve on the reputation to unlock them. So players can eventually unlock these three states by improving on their loyalty level at the Freelancer Faction.

How to improve on Loyalty Levels?

Players who are in search for means and tricks to improve on their Loyalty Levels can refer to various methods mentioned below and successfully unlock all the three states for Javelin armor.

Completing Missions

Players who want to level up on their Loyalty should work hard on every available mission as by completing such missions players can avail maximum Loyalty Level in the game.

So all the aspirants of shiny state Javelin armor should make sure of completing each and every in-game challenge and quest to unlock a clean Javelin for themselves.

Interact with NPC

Although completing missions and challenges provide maximum Loyalty Levels, but gamers can also grab on to some additional Loyalty by interacting with various NPC Freelancers in the Fort Tarsis.

You can refer to the list of people below, with whom you can interact and avail some additional Loyalty Level.

  • Yarrow
  • Jani
  • Neeso Giles
  • Prospero
  • Sayrna
  • Marelda
  • Jarek Arnel
  • Mathias
  • Lienn
  • Aunt Cardea
  • Max
  • Sev
  • Haluk

Although players will have to dedicate some time to interact with all the characters mentioned above, still it is worth spending some time in order to receive free Loyalty Level.

Gamers who are regular and dedicated towards Anthem title will easily achieve new state Javelin armor with a shiny variant for themselves. Hopefully, players will also get new skins and in-game content for the title to make the in-game experience much more fun and indulging.

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