5 Best Phones for Senior Citizens in 2019

 What goes around comes around, this idiom gets a prove-vote when we see keypad and minimal function phones of the early 2000s trending in today’s digital world. Well, if you have a penchant for flip phones or you want to recommend or gift a simple smartphone to your grandpa, then this list will provide you the top 5 options to choose from.

1. Jitterbug Flip

This flip phone weighs only 4.7 ounces and offers two displays- a small one on the exterior for basic info like incoming calls, notifications, date and time and on the inside a 3.2-inch screen that has superior outdoor visibility. Its unique features include the LED flashlight on the exterior that doubles as a magnifier and helps in reading small texts and the GreatCall Link app that enables family members to keep track of the user’s safety and health without encroaching in his private affairs.

2. Motorola G6 Play

The display is 5.7 inches, with long battery life and a quad-core processor. It is designed for tech-savvy senior citizens, and also lets users click great pictures with its 13 MP camera. Talking to Alexa while searching for a topic or asking about the traffic is another interactive function that makes it a great choice.

3. LG Exalt VN220

This flip phone is powered by Verizon and packs in best battery performance- that runs up to 10 days and up to 6 hours for continuous talking. The HD calling function makes it suitable for people who have a hearing impairment, which gives lucent audio quality. Moreover, its Verizon network can be used as a mobile hotspot in case you want to access the web.

4. Apple iPhone 7

Users can talk to Siri and use features like voice dial, Medical ID function, switching between text sizes, FaceTime, and plenty of other apps to keep in touch with family and friends. The device does not need much introduction and is reasonably a square choice if you want all the necessary features in one device.

5. Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Easy Mode, which is an optional setting to make your home page more user-friendly, is a unique feature that makes the Samsung Galaxy an excellent choice for senior persons. This mode allows the layout to be more straightforward with larger fonts. Samsung’s display is as crisp as it always has been, in addition to the 12 MP camera, its sufficient space makes it a smart choice for tech-savvy seniors.

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